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The smooth barrel surface creates beautiful, uniform curls as it heats up quickly and evenly – no damaging hot spots or temperature spikes! Frizz free curling is now quicker and easier than ever with Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Iron. From ringlets to tousled bouncy waves, Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Irons are available in multiple barrel sizes and types to suit your style. Style fast for style which lasts with Silver Bullet!

Curling Iron 13mm$62.95Order Now
Curling Iron 25mm$62.95Order Now
Curling Iron 32mm$62.95Order Now
Curling Iron 38mm$62.95Order Now
Conical Curler 13mm - 25mm$62.95Order Now
Conical Curler 19mm - 32mm$62.95Order Now
Triple Barrel Curler$73.50Order Now

Silver Bullet city chic 32mm Curling iron

SKU: 9325024000647
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